Hello Makna Kata

Menelisik Makna dalam Untaian Kata

The Enchanted Pavilion

Illustration: PT. Faber-Castell International Indonesia-in colouring for relaxation, 2015; Colored by: Rianti 2016

I closed my eyes to draw you in color again.

You are standing in the middle circling thousands flower.

The beauty of yours glows in the dark.

The scent of yours is authenticity.

Giving lights, the rainbow in the dark of night.

And your smile? Ah, It blows my universe.

The most comfortable place is being next to you.

Just if you are with me now,

I know you will say: “Everything is going to be okay.”

Or, “My dear baby, You are strong, so don’t give up.”

And then as always, you will kiss my forehead and say how much you love me.

I will always picture you in the enchanted pavilion.

Because I know, in there you will always be.

And I will color everything with thousands of wishes.

To kept the memory alive and not fade away.

I miss you, Mom…

(Rianti, July 2016)

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